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Rock-Solid CRM

Having a CRM in place that will not only help your sales reps but will make your call center team work as efficiently as possible.  Have a plan in place for how you want your workflow, it will save your team time and frustration if this is seamless.

Motivating Goals

Everyone is motivated in different ways. Understand your team and how they’re motivated and you’re headed toward a successful call center.

  • Days in a row w/making appointments.

  • How many appointments made in a single day?

  • Most appointments set in a week. Focus on quality appts versus the total number of appointments.

  • Competition, encouragement, recognition


Having a positive mindset is a winning mindset in a call center. Train your brain to tackle every opportunity and have a winning mentality. No one wants to meet with someone who is constantly negative.


Energy is contagious, especially over the phone! Don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage when booking an appointment.


Build rapport amongst your colleagues. This will increase collaboration. Talking about what is working on the phones or what they’re experiencing (current market conditions) etc. Idea sharing allows the whole team to win and helps produce a successful call center.