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It’s important to realize that one can actually create that environment for a successful sales meeting. It’s not just luck. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be on your way.

Creating relationships/rapport in a short period of time.

Whether in person or virtual, you should always find common ground. If you’re in someone’s office, look around. They may have something in their office that will spark conversation. During a virtual meeting, it is not only important to ask the right questions but to listen to the responses.

Write things down, because if the potential client is talking about it, they care about it. Next time you see them or speak with them, mention the topic. It’ll go a long way in building a relationship and creating the opportunity for a successful sales meeting.

Look Sharp

In-person or online, dress for success. Take the time to “look good”.  Looking presentable doesn’t have to break the bank either. There are so many ways to shop on a budget!  Represent the work you will do for your client, take the extra minute, and look sharp.

Prepare and Organize a Game Plan

The worst thing someone in sales can do is show up to a meeting or call unprepared. Take the time to review your notes and the company. Come up with a solid plan and agenda, communicate this with your potential client- it will go a long way!