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Increased Sales Come From

Your business’s sales needs are met with a results-centric approach to overall revenue growth performance management. Unlike other consultants and service-providers who take a marketing-centric approach, Revlet utilizes informed sales teams and strategies to lead marketing efforts—not the other way around.

Here’s How It Works 

Many Revlet strategies begin by identifying areas to increase time, with the goal of improving productivity. With an omnichannel, multi-touch sales approach, held accountable by a robust analytics toolkit providing real-time, client-specific feedback, Revlet delivers an all-around, integrated customer experience—from the top of the sales funnel all the way down to conversion.



  • Begin with a thorough sales discovery process and growth assessment.
  • Work collaboratively to roadmap your sales growth strategy and realistic sales expectations.
  • Revlet optimizes your existing sales systems or builds a custom sales database and CRM. 
  • Revlet assists in the recruitment, selection, and hiring processes of new operators and sales associates.
  • Recommend a talent development plan which includes training, mentoring, and developing new and existing sales associates.



  • Benefit statements and sales pitch construction. 
  • Establishment of smart goals with defined, per-month appointment generation targets.
  • Optimization of CRM for personalized outreach programs. 
  • Design and rollout of customized, omnichannel sales plan. 
  • Implementation of advanced performance metric and KPI tracking systems.

Phase Three

  • Ongoing CRM training and adoption. 
  • Recommendation and execution of advanced digital marketing, social media, and direct mail advertising strategies. 
  • Widening of outside sales networks and consultancies. 
  • On-the-fly appointment generation optimizations. 
  • Predetermined weekly, monthly, or quarterly tracking reports.

Revlet Helps To: 

  • Reduce your administrative burden. 
  • Eliminate the redundant aspects of deal sourcing and prospect nurturing. 
  • Engage with dedicated sales outreach consultants. 
  • Systematically qualify and strengthen your prospect database. 
  • Schedule regular warm appointments and train for the close. 
  • Improve your sales team’s focus, close ratio, and synchronicity.

Fill Your Appointment Calendar

Get to the point of higher sales growth and volume with a customized Revlet sales strategy. Put us to work and we’ll put your sales teams to work.

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