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What’s the secret sauce for recruiting a winning internship class? We believe that doing these five things will help in recruiting top interns for your internship program and retain them!

The University Is Your Buddy—Faculty & Staff

University includes faculty and staff. If you don’t have a good relationship with your local colleges, the career centers are a great place to start. Many career centers will have services specifically for employers and will help build your brand on the campus and with students.

Clubs & Greek Life—Also Your Friends

This is critical for recruiting top interns. Students who seek out success are usually a part of a club or Greek Life. These groups will usually have employers come in for an information session or a topical discussion. It’s a great way to build relationships with the students directly and a great way to recruit interns that are motivated and involved.

Be a Consistent Recruiter

The college will see recruiters come and go. If your organization goes through a change of recruiter, be sure that there is a time for transition and introduction. Be consistent in your company’s actions with the college and clubs and you’ll build a brand rather quickly!

Have Career Paths

Students love it when recruiters can tell them about long-term potential. Have available career paths to share with your potential interns, it’s attractive and gives them something to work towards. It also allows you, the recruiter, to work with students that are well informed.

Work Hard & Have Fun Doing So

Your best advocates for recruiting are your current or past interns. Create an environment where your interns are having fun at the office. Ensure they want to come in because of the comradery and culture you’ve created. Create an environment where your interns also see everyone being productive and working hard—show them the balance!