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Personalized Revenue
Performance Solutions

The revenue generation solutions at Revlet combine appointment generation, pipeline building, inbound and outbound sales, analytics, and a variety of qualified conversation starting tactics to fill your sales team’s calendars with prospects. Revlet can build an expert sales team from the ground up, train, educate and bolster your existing sales team, or provide newly sharpened tools to construct a successful, sustainable and scalable revenue generation powerhouse. 

Revenue Results

Appointment Generation

With a dedicated inside sales team, not only does Revlet increase the quantity of new business leads, we line up qualified appointments. Once we agree on objectives and benchmarks, our outreach process leads to direct verification calls, ongoing data reports, and sales growth.

  • Full training on benefit statements and value propositions. 
  • Scheduled progress reports, updates and communication meetings. 
  • Clever and compelling messaging and copywriting for outbound sales calls. 
  • Warm hand-offs with qualified decision makers.
Grow with Knowledge

Sales Consulting

Backed by over 100+ combined years of sales experience, our sales consultants offer their knowledge to help grow your business. Revlet creates and implements strategies through comprehensive customer analysis, competitive research, and a reimagining of your company’s value propositions.

  • Education on prospect evaluations and followup techniques/tactics.
  • Accurate brand and value positioning within the marketplace.
  • Construction of employee activity standards. 
  • Deep client analysis and process auditing.
Creating Customer Relationships

CRM Management

Revlet CRM management is powered by proprietary processes and best-in-class software. This provides your business with a personalized prospect database from which you can target, measure, and grow qualified sales appointments.

  • Access to data and findings through our best-in-class software.
  • File updates for import of qualified, scrubbed data into your internal CRM.
  • Implementation, rollout and maintenance of new CRMs.
  • Education and execution of the full Revlet suite of automated sales and marketing tools.
Turn Prospects Into Profits

Database/Prospect Creation

Begin by importing existing prospect databases to grow entirely new revenue streams. Revlet categorizes, modifies, tracks, and enhances your sales funnel from top to bottom, warming the cold leads and closing the hottest targets. Create a robust database of prospects with efficiency, speed, and success with Revlet.

  • Transformation of CRM data into strategic sales call prospect lists. 
  • Unique outreach targeting. 
  • Optimization of current prospect lists for personalized reach outs and responsibilities. 
  • Detail segmentation based on business sector, company size, turnover, etc.
Indicative Instruction

Account Management & Team Training

Revlet has trained sales teams of hundreds of specialized associates across several industries; including business services, software, artificial intelligence, logistics, and more. Each account management and sales training program is customized to your specific business needs, strengths, and areas of improvement.

  • Alleviates the administrative burden freeing time for other internal efforts. 
  • Ongoing training sessions—in-person and virtual. 
  • Regular sales team check-ins and progress reports. 
  • One-on-one sales team member onboarding and consultation.
Employ & Retain Experts

Recruiting Solutions

Finding the right people is only half the battle. Get to the point where every viable, qualified prospect is able to seamlessly transition to positions that present the greatest opportunity for growth success. When employment is viewed as a career worth investing in, you’re able to transform employees into experts. Revlet revolutionizes recruiting.

  • Learn how to recruit and retain the right talent.
  • Reorganization of internal teams based on strengths and needs. 
  • Transform our tenured associates into your long-term sales leaders.
  • Full immersion of your company’s unique selling propositions (USP).
Impel Your Impressions

Marketing Automation

In an ever-changing marketplace how and to whom you communicate your value propositions matters. The Revlet approach to outreach is comprehensive and turnkey. Our team executes digital marketing, social media, direct mail, and drip marketing campaigns that result in greater impressions with intent.

Digital Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Content Generation 
  • Brand Value & Culture Awareness
Social Media
  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Organic Content Publishing 
  • LinkedIn Marketing
Direct Mail
  • Personalized Letters & Postcards
  • Creative Vertical Outreach
  • Higher Open Rates

Overcome Obstacles and Accelerate Growth

Relying on best-in-class technology, marketing and sales best practices, Revlet works directly with your company to help enhance your current sales leadership, processes systems and performance. Our team is highly motivated, transparent and proven. Let’s set and achieve greater revenue goals together by putting Revlet solutions into practice.

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