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Video marketing is an incredible way to increase exposure and grow your brand. According to a recent Bitable article, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. The same article indicates that YouTube is the second most popular internet site behind Google. Now is the time to get on board with video marketing. Your videos don’t have to always just push your product—there are several ways to engage your clients with video.

Make an Announcement

Instead of sending a tweet or Facebook post, film your big announcement and use it as the basis of your campaign. Video marketing allows your viewer to get up close and personal.

Film a Testimonial

Testimonials are powerful tools for business. Video testimonials build trust and are much more personable than the written word.

Show Them!

Some of the most popular videos on the internet are “how to” videos. Take the opportunity to film a tutorial or show your viewers how something associated with your business works.

Behind the Scenes

Shoot a day in the life video of your company and its employees. People enjoying seeing the moving parts of a company.

Introduce a New Employee

Again, save the tweet for your other news. Announcing new employees through text and images are great, but video virtually allows your viewer to meet your new hire.

Say Thanks

Was your latest event or product launch a success? What better way to say thank you than a video? It not only engages your current customer base; it also demonstrates your ingenuity and gratitude to new viewers.

With proper planning and thought, it’s possible to engage your clients with video in ways that aren’t just pushing products.