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Video continues to grow as a must-have marketing medium. According to Social Pilot, video content will make up 82% of the internet traffic in 2024. But simply posting promotional videos online won’t cut it anymore. To fully capitalize on video in 2024, marketers need to get creative. Here are some suggestions on creative ways to use video to boost your brand:

Go Behind-the-Scenes

Give customers an insider’s view of your company by sharing behind-the-scenes videos. Capture product development, office culture, events, or community outreach. This builds authenticity and connection with your brand. Just make sure videos align with your brand identity.

Spotlight Your Staff

Let your employees become brand ambassadors through video. Have them share their skills, passions, and what inspires them about your company mission. It gives a real human face to your brand that viewers can relate to.

Host a Video AMA

If this makes sense for your business, create an “ask me anything” video session that allows customers to interact directly with your experts. Solicit questions ahead of time through social media then have a lead staff member respond on-camera. This shows your commitment to service and transparency.

Live Stream Events

From conferences to new product launches, you can broadcast your events through live video. This expands your reach well beyond physical venue limitations. Add an element of exclusivity and urgency for those that tune in live, for example, you can offer special discounts or prizes just for live viewers.

Get Visual with Product Demos

Don’t just describe your products, show how they work. Detailed explainer and how-to videos enable potential customers to truly experience and understand your offerings. Social Pilot found that visuals  video engagement lands 66% more qualified leads than other forms of marketing.

With these tactics, video becomes a platform for meaningful engagement, not just promotion. The more value you provide, the bigger the impact on customers and your brand.