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Choosing the right mindset daily is an important practice every salesperson should be implementing. When you are going to pick up the phone to call a potential client, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Remember Your Audience

Think about what’s important to your audience. What can you do for them that they care about? Is it saving money? Saving time? How can you make their life easier? Do they want to hear every single benefit that you can offer, or are you just repeating things that don’t differentiate you from any of your competitors? Saving money isn’t always the #1 factor for everyone. If you keep throwing benefit statements at them that they don’t care about, all you’ll ever hear is no.


Focus on What Sets You Apart

What’s different about you that they cannot get from someone else or do themselves? Is your company environmentally friendly? Charitable? Are you able to show up to their business at a moment’s notice when they need you? Knowing what sets you apart from your competitors can help you focus on those things and help customers see your benefits for what they are. These will help you stand out, show your true value, and keep you from being ‘just another cold call’ to them.


Be Considerate of their Time

This ties in with remembering your audience and focusing on what sets you apart. Don’t waste their time talking about things that aren’t important to them. Utilize all your time, since you never know how much you’ll have with them, focusing on what is going to attract them to your business. Those differentiators are very important.


Ask Good Questions

What made them choose the company they’re currently with? What is most important for them to get out of your product/service? Listen carefully and take notes so you can focus on what’s most important to them because every customer’s needs are different. Focusing on their specific needs will help you close the sale.


Be Personal

Don’t be robotic. Companies are constantly getting sales calls, and you’re just another one of them. So make sure to stand out and remember that every call is unique. Refer to notes from your last call and add a personal touch. Ask them how their son’s soccer game went or how their new puppy is doing. People love talking about themselves – so let them! Taking good notes and keeping track of them well will give you good topics to bring up in future calls.