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First and foremost, we hope that everyone is staying healthy during this time. We understand that there are many people who are working from home. Let’s rally together to keep COVID-19 at a minimum so we can pull through this together. Lastly, support your local businesses who are staying open for pick-up and takeout.

With that, if you’re working from home, here are a few tips to stay productive and motivated!

  1. Maintain Your Workweek Routine

    One of the biggest mistakes people that are working from home make is they treat it as a vacation. It can be thrilling to get the opportunity to work from home yet after the thrill settles, you may find yourself being unproductive. It’s important to have a routine in place. Get up, shower, get dressed as if you are going to work. Complete your morning routine, and if you don’t have one, maybe this is the time you needed to implement one. Stay positive, stay motivated, and take advantage of the time that you have!

  2. Create a Designated Workspace

    For some individuals, home isn’t a place where they bring work, so finding a space where you can focus can be difficult.  Find somewhere in your home where you can set up shop, minimize distractions, and be productive.

  3. Get Up Every Hour to Stretch and Take a 5-15 Minute Break

    Not only is it good to step away from work every now and then, but your brain needs it! Individuals are more productive when they are hyper-focused for 1-2 hour stretches. Stepping away for a few minutes will help your productivity. Don’t be afraid to let your brain recharge.

  4. Assign Yourself Manageable Tasks Throughout the Day

    Not accomplishing anything is not the result we are looking for when working from home. Set expectations and deadlines for yourself throughout the day! At the end of the workday, you can look back and feel accomplished versus feeling as though you were unproductive and distracted.

  5. Stay in Touch with Your Coworkers

    Whether your introverted or extroverted, social interaction is a part of human nature. Not being surrounded by your coworkers may be harder than you expect. Don’t limit your interaction! Video chat, online chat, email, call. Stay connected. I’d like to personally challenge you to be the one to keep the communication strong and be a motivator for your team… I can only hope your work life is amazing and you work with individuals you simply enjoy being around and motivate you to be the best version of you.